Let’s be real; having to visit your orthodontist can be quite tedious, especially if you have a busy schedule. That being said, if you want an orthodontic treatment that’s effective but doesn’t require you to see the orthodontist frequently, then getting Invisalign is your best choice.

In this article, we’ll tackle how often you need to see your orthodontist in Yorba Linda for Invisalign and its importance of it.

The Importance of Visiting Your Invisalign Orthodontist

Here is why seeing your Invisalign orthodontist regularly is important.

Be on top of your orthodontic treatment regime

Once you are given an orthodontic treatment plan, you are given a recommended schedule for your visits. Making it to these appointments is crucial in order to get the most out of your treatment.

This is so your Invisalign orthodontist will view your progress and make any adjustments, if necessary. Keep in mind that even if you’re undergoing Invisalign, you will still need these checkups to ensure that your teeth are moving as expected, but having clear aligners will decrease the number of times you need to see your orthodontist compared to traditional metal braces.

Check your oral hygiene

Oral health professionals know that trying to move around all of those brackets and wires is not exactly an easy task. Kids are more prone to getting stains and cavities at this time because they are more likely to forget to brush their teeth or floss properly. Because of this, you should see your Invisalign orthodontist as a teammate in your oral health routine. They will check inside your mouth carefully to ensure that your teeth do not occur any damages that can be prevented in the first place. They can also teach your child how to brush and floss or clean their Invisalign retainer properly.

To stay motivated

While you may not notice your aligners, it does take work to achieve that beautiful smile. Seeing your Invisalign orthodontist lets you see how much progress you’re making. And, when you feel like the effort is worth it, it will keep you going. Younglings can also express their creative side and fun with their braces by having colored bands added at every visit that let them show their personality.

Promote good habits

Nowadays, a lot of parents are getting orthodontic treatment alongside their children. If your family is going through Invisalign together, then it is crucial not to skip your appointments. This is due to your kids always watching you learn how to handle life’s challenges.

Visiting your Invisalign orthodontist routinely can help your child recognize the importance of taking care of their oral health. Making your treatment a group effort allows everyone to feel motivated in achieving a beautiful smile.

Detect minor issues early

Experiencing an orthodontic emergency can be painful, and no parent would want to hurry to the clinic on the weekend or wait until Monday rolls around for an appointment. If there is damage to you or your child’s aligners, then it’s best to schedule a visit as soon as possible just so that the treatment doesn’t get delayed. At the same time, your Invisalign orthodontist will remind you or your teenager to remove your aligners before eating meals and brushing your teeth.

Recognize any new concerns

Your teeth and mouth are constantly changing. Regular visits to your Invisalign orthodontist allow these changes to be recognized immediately so that they can make any adjustments to the current treatment plan.

For example, your teen’s orthodontist identifies that they have a wisdom tooth that’s growing and could affect the alignment of their teeth or an injury that requires an additional stage to the treatment.

When You Should See Your Invisalign Orthodontist

If you plan on getting Invisalign in Fullerton, you should be aware that the treatment begins with an initial consultation. During the consultation, your Invisalign orthodontist will generate images of your teeth. They will use those 3D images to make your own custom treatment plan.

Since your Invisalign treatment is different compared to other plans, the frequency of your trips to the office may vary. People undergoing Invisalign treatment usually have to visit their orthodontist every four to six weeks or so.

The importance of these follow-up visits is to make sure that your treatment is going smoothly as possible. During the plan, you’ll be given new Invisalign clear aligners once or twice a week. Each set of aligners will shift your teeth that much closer to their proper positions.

By visiting your Invisalign orthodontist every few weeks, they can make sure your aligners are working properly. Follow-up appointments that are prescribed aren’t just the only times you’ll need to see your Invisalign orthodontist.

If you misplace a set of your clear aligners, you may have to see them in between follow-ups so your Invisalign orthodontist can assess if you need a replacement set or if you’re ready to move on to the next set of aligners.

If you’re concerned about not seeing results from your Invisalign treatment, then you may also want to see your orthodontist. While certain patients see results within weeks of beginning their treatment, others may not see noticeable results for a couple of weeks. If you’ve been wearing your aligners for the recommended daily hours for several months and have yet to see results, you may want to schedule an appointment with your Invisalign orthodontist to make sure your treatment is still on the right track in producing the desired results.

Reliable Invisalign Orthodontist in CA

At Potter Ortho, we always want what’s best for our patients. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of orthodontic treatments to choose from, including Invisalign.

A lot of individuals opt for this treatment because of how comfortable and discreet they are. If you’re looking for a discreet way to straighten your teeth, Invisalign can be the best option for you. Potter Ortho is proud to offer Invisalign as one of our many orthodontic treatment options, so schedule a consultation today to find out if you’re a perfect candidate for that treatment!