Each individual’s orthodontic problem is different and deserves personalized attention. Your first visit is an important opportunity for us to get to know you and what you want to accomplish with your orthodontic treatment. We believe that orthodontic problems involve more than just teeth so we look at the entire facial structure when treating our patients. Quality care and individualized attention are the standards of our practice. We pride ourselves in taking the time necessary to explain our procedures each step of the way and answer any questions you might have. The more you know about your care, the better the results.

At your first visit Dr. Potter will discuss your desires, take your initial orthodontic records, and perform a comprehensive orthodontic examination to determine the status of your orthodontic health. If it is determined that orthodontic care is necessary, we will make a recommendation of treatment based on your specific situation. Dr. Potter will explain in detail your orthodontic problems, the individualized treatment needed, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. We ask that you bring your insurance information to the first visit so that we may determine the benefits you have available. We will also go over with you with the different payment options that we provide. At this time we will schedule your next appointment to begin treatment.

We encourage you to arrive early with up to date Confidential Health History Forms for either “children” or “adults“.


At Potter Orthodontics we want to make sure that you are informed in every step of your treatment. Don’t see what you need here? Feel free to contact us at either one of our offices and we will gladly answer any questions you may have or talk about your options! Yorba Linda Office: (714) 528-4540 Fullerton: (714) 526-3331

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